Monday, November 2, 2009

No Respect

Monday, November 2, 2009
Forgive me while I rant for a moment.

In an era when everyone and their mother likes to gripe about how entitled young people are today, I'd like to know what exactly us members of Generation Y are entitled to. Jobs? Yeah, tell that to the Class of 2009. Health insurance? Nope -- young people under the age of thirty are the largest group of uninsured in the country.

A future full of possibilities? For many, the advent of globalization has eliminated such rosy predictions -- especially in the fields of engineering and computer science. Bill Gates can talk about education reform all he likes, but as long as Microsoft continues to import workers using H1B Visas, Gates is nothing but a bloody hypocrite.

For those who are new to the blog, I got into escorting when getting a "regular job" after college became too elusive for my liking. Thanks to my friend Rebecca -- herself a former escort -- I was able to get an agent who sent me out fairly quickly. The money was (and still is) good, the clients nice, the sex constant and surprisingly varied.

Still, the fact that I ended up having sex for a living when I am so "entitled" and "demanding" and "narcissistic" should indicate that something is amiss in how people view Generation Y. And no, I don't think blogging is evidence of my alleged narcissism. If anything, blogging is vital to my psychological well-being. It's not as if I can talk openly about my profession. I lie to most everyone I know -- including my own parents.

Lastly, I consider myself fortunate. That's right -- the gigolo with a heart of gold and a reasonable command of the English language thinks he's lucky. Lucky that I managed to find steady, well-paying work that leaves me with enough time to at least entertain the idea of reentering the job market if and when the economy improves.

I'll know within the next two weeks if the firm I interviewed with last week is interested in a second interview. If so, I'll certainly oblige them. If not, well, with winter coming up, I'll have plenty of clients here in Miami.

(Bailey, in his infinite and hilarious wisdom, suggesting going to Little Haiti and getting a Voodoo course against the company should they not hire me. An interesting proposition to say the least -- one I may try just for the hell of it.)

But seriously, folks, give young people a break. By and large, they're unemployed, burdened with student debt, living without health insurance and preparing for a future without Social Security and employer pensions. It's a brave new world out there -- and it'll be up to them (or rather, us) to live in it.
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