Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Ride of My Life

Sunday, October 11, 2009
This past weekend, I was taken for a ride.

"I'm in the mood for a drive," the client said. "How about you?"

I couldn't help but notice the beautiful Mercedes in the driveway. The thought of speeding along I-95 in such a handsome piece of machinery was definitely pleasing. By the time the client and I were tearing across the Causeway, music blaring, I felt like I was eighteen again.

"Rides like a dream, doesn't it?" the client said. "I bought it last year..."

She went on to list a slew of automotive details that didn't mean much to me. Apparently, the client is something of an auto enthusiast -- definitely a change of pace from what I'm usually used to. There's something infinitely sexy about a woman who likes cars. I don't know why -- there just is.

Unfortunately, my hormones must have gotten the better of me. While we were stopped at a red light, I leaned in and kissed her, without any provocation. True, hiring a escort is probably provocation enough, but there are still some women who think that kissing on the mouth is something that escorts don't do. While that's true to a certain extent, I'm not one of those escorts.

(On another note, I've been thinking about giving my services a catchy name. Female escorts have the Girlfriend Experience (GFE). I'm thinking of the Gentleman Experience. A little derivative, but the Boyfriend Experience just sounds cheesy. And it's not like any of these women want another husband.)

On another whimsical yet practical decision, the client checked into a hotel at the beach and led me by the hand to the room. Falling into bed, we had sex with the balcony door open to the waves crashing on the shore. Like something out of a good movie, it was one of the best nights I had at work in a long time.

"Are you OK?" the client asked.

"Hmm? Oh, yes, thank you. It's just -- well, this is one of the best nights I've had at work."

"I'm sure you say that to all the ladies."

"No, really, I had a great time. You're not like the other 'ladies', either. You're so confident and head-strong. Not to mention, I always found aggressive female drivers sexy."

The client laughed. She talked of growing up in Texas, where speed limits are really only a "suggestion" and anyone dumb enough to go under eighty-miles-per-hour on the highway might find themselves in the ER. She liked to visit home each Christmas, where the temperatures are cooler but still hospitable.

I've never been to Texas, but have heard wonderful things about Austin in recent years. The client confirmed most everything I said, while adding that summer in Texas is much more bearable due to the lower humidity.

"I'll have to give it a try, then," I said.

As the booking came to a close, I showered, dressed, and kissed her goodbye. Call me again, I said, and truly meant it. This is a woman I would gladly spend time with for free.

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