Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Irresponsible & Dangerous

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Is my blog a danger to society?

Not in my opinion -- but that doesn't mean that there aren't other people who think differently. As I browsed through the messages at my Hushmail account, I came across a rather nasty email that insisted I was harming society by writing about my life as a prostitute.

"Your experience in sex work is that of a tiny, tiny minority," the e-mail read. "For a majority of people working as prostitutes, they are doing so for survival, and often against their own free will.

"Girls as young as 12 are trafficked into the US, Canada and Europe, where they are made to sleep with men three or four times their age less they be handed over to immigration services and charged as an illegal alien.

"And while I'm pleased to see you take pride in your education, I can't help but wonder whether you made any use of it!"

Wow. Just... wow.

I won't identify who wrote this email, but I will say that it was a woman. I searched for information about her online, but nothing of any interest turned up. Perhaps she's a member of law enforcement with experience in dealing with sex-trafficking victims. Maybe she's a feminist. Could be both.

While I appreciate her concern, the only thing I can say in my defense is that I have never partaken in anything dealing with a minor, and I am working as an escort out of my own free will. That's it, folks.

Still, I encourage everyone -- for or against me -- to write to me at

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