Sunday, October 18, 2009

Female Sex Tourism

Sunday, October 18, 2009
We've all heard about sex tourism intended for males. The American businessman goes to Thailand or Russia, looking to get laid during a business trip. The prostitute he's with for the evening may or may not be of legal age. She may or may not be working in prostitution of her own free will.

I deplore these situations. The thought of any girl, anywhere, having sex for survival and/or because she's coerced into doing so is disgusting. World governments have little in the way of solving these problems, and instead focus on busting the street walkers and occasional high-end call girl.

So, what about female customers and male prostitutes? Are there places where women can go and get laid?

Apparently, there are -- but the industry of female sex tourism isn't nearly as pervasive as that for men. Countries like Thailand, Cuba and the Dominican Republic host female sex tourism, even if they refer to it as "romance tourism" or some other euphemism. It seems the crucial element in supporting the sex trade i to have men with very limited career options.

Basically, the poorer the men, the better.

Again, there's something decidedly shady about this operation. True, I get paid for my work, and I guarantee I earn more than some poor guy in Croatia or any other obscure country. I've never felt "victimized" because of my work and I entered into it out of convenience, not necessity.

The idea that women can became just as villainous as men is still hard for me to swallow. Tonight, I'll be watching Heading South, a film starring Charlotte Rampling, and centers around a group of women who head to Haiti looking for love. I suppose I'll determine just how "villainous" the women are by the time the film is finished.

Stay tuned...
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