Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Belle de Jour: Secret Diary of a London Call Girl

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
For those who don't know, Belle de Jour: Secret Diary of a London Call Girl was (and still is) a blog written by a London-based escort. Under the nom de plume of Belle, she wrote about her life as a high-end escort in London, and all the trials and tribulations that went along with it. From clients who could ejaculate to hiding her profession from friends and family, Belle shed light on the world of high-end prostitution like no other.

Ever since the blog was complied into a best-selling book, and the book was then turned into a television show on ITV in Britain and Showtime here in the US, Belle has retired from the world of escorting. Currently, Belle is working on future books, keeping in touch with her fans on Twitter, and working a "traditional" job somewhere in England.

I suppose it's inevitable that I received a few e-mails, asking if I either knew Belle, had read her book/blog, or if there were any similarities between us. The questions got me thinking, and I decided to write this entry discussing the similarities and differences between us.


  • We both love to read. Granted, Belle's taste are much more high-end than mine, but a love of literature was one of the first things that made me like her. Even more funny was Belle's then-agent, who said those who read are always relaxed, and that she (the agent) should read more.
  • We're both of Jewish descent. At the risk of revealing too much of my identity, I'll only say that one of my parents is Jewish. I'm not aware if one or both of Belle's parents are Jewish or not. I'd like to think Judaism is what gave us our sense of humor. A stereotype, perhaps, but not a completely untrue one.
  • We're both university-educated, not addicted to any controlled substances, and have loving friends and family. In sum, we're not derelicts on a street corner, and neither of us charged anything less than several hundred dollars.


  • Belle made (and still makes) more money than I do. Don't get me wrong -- escorting has provided a nice life for me, but men simply don't command the kind of money that women do. Unfortunate, but understandable. That being said, women do work harder in this business, so perhaps their higher salaries are justified.
  • I've never really had a "bad" relationship. Belle discusses her past relationship with "the boy" and sometimes it's a painful read. What possessed him to treat her like that is beyond me. Nothing physical violent, but still, no birthday present? Calling at the last-minute to invite her on a ski holiday in France? Low class.
  • Belle doesn't think marriage and children is in her future. I, however, can see myself getting married -- or at least living with someone permanently. Children, however, that's another story. The thought of them finding out Daddy used to be a prostitute might complicate matters. Still, time will tell.

So there it is. While I doubt Belle knows of this blog, she's definitely an inspiration. And I don't believe for one second that the blog was fake. I doubt a group of bored female journalists could come up with it, let alone a man. Her tale was the genuine article, and the world is all the better for it.

It's about time we escorts starting sharing our stories, isn't it?
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