Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Painting With Light

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
I'll never forget the time I heard the phrase "painting with light" used as a metaphor for photograpy. Of course, this metaphor isn't quite true anymore -- not with the advent of digital cameras and the disappearance of dark rooms.

While I wasn't a fan of high school, I did enjoy some of my elective classes. For some reason, they were just funner than regular ones. Studio art was great, as was graphic design and, most of all, photography.

Despite not wanting to be photographed during work, I did oblige one client's request to photograph her. She had nice equipment, too, and I don't mean her breasts and ass (though both of those were great). Her camera was a digital SLR, complete with several lenses and a large, crystal-clear LCD screen.

The fact that I was still naked myself (we'd just finished having sex) didn't hold me back. I grabbed the camera and snapped away, taking nude and non-nude photos in a variety of poses and lightning. The client was in her mid-forties, thin and attractive. Not "gorgeous" per se, but attractive.

Afterward, she talked about how she always wanted to be photographed after sex, but her conservative husband wasn't interested. I've always noticed that women are usually more adventurous than men. Guys talk about wanting sex all the time, but when it comes to the really interesting/kinky stuff? Yeah, that's all the ladies' doing.

So, do I have any of the photographs? Yes, I do. The digital files are in her possession, though I did receive an envelope of eight-by-ten printouts at my agent's office. My agent had already opened the package, admitting that she was worried I'd allowed myself to be photographed -- something I was not allowed to do.

But when she saw the photos were of the clients -- and after I explained that it was something she wanted -- my agent was fine with it. She even complimented my work, and compliments are not something she hands out frequently. One really has to earn them.

It's nice to think that when I finally leave escorting, I'll have several "souvenirs" to take along with me. This blog is probably the most descriptive of the lot, but the photos will be a nice reminder, too. And maybe, just maybe, I'll discover a field that incorporates my love of sex work while maintaining a "traditional" job.

A long shot, but not impossible. I'm living proof that truth is stranger than fiction.
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