Sunday, May 2, 2010


Sunday, May 2, 2010

When it comes down to it, I think that's what I really am.

It sounds a bit haughty, I know. Some people will read this blog and come off thinking, "Where does this man-whore get off calling himself a storyteller?" I really don't have an answer to that -- only that in addition to escorting, job hunting and doing all the other mundane things in life, I never stopped creating stories.

Clients are always interested, too. Recently, during one of my very last bookings, I brought a story with me at a client's request. It was a novella / short story, about thirty pages. Fantasy, in fact. After we slept together, I read it to her -- all thirty pages, in fact. I was flattered when she asked to keep it.

It's no secret that I've said I would love to be a novelist or screenwriter one day. Perhaps a mix of both. I'm only in my early twenties, but this blog has given me plenty of practice in the world of writing -- and come the end of May, I'll begin writing professionally in a business capacity in New York City.

But where does the inspiration come from? It can come from anywhere, really. Other novels, comics, films, or just an idea that pops into my head after reading the Miami Herald or the New York Times. I specialize in fantasy, horror, a bit of science fiction, too. 

More than one person has said that my soon-to-be-past career in escorting was the perfect training ground to be a romance novelist. I'm not sure if I agree with that. Escorting isn't so much about romance as it is about companionship -- particularly when it comes to servicing women. Still, I do know a lot about relationships. Perhaps combining that with a certain fantastical element could prove successful.

Escort. Storyteller. Communications professional. I'm all of these things, really. It's a shame that I don't get to share each side more often. Only Simone, Rebecca, Adam and Bailey have ever really seen all three sides, all at different times and circumstances, of course. God only knows how I grew to be this way. With escorting about to be over, I guess I'll just be a storyteller and communications professional.

Still, it's the "storyteller" identity that I hope works out in the end.

Maybe then, I'll finally be able to write under my own name. Which, incidentally, also begins with the letter J. A hint? Once, there was a voyage in Greece led by a man, who was looking for something golden. I think that's quite enough ;-)

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