Monday, May 17, 2010

The Rest of My Life

Monday, May 17, 2010

Right. I'm in New York, sitting on the sofa while the TV plays in front of me. I'm fortunate that most everything that a man could want -- cable, internet, etc. -- was up and running when I got here. Caring property managers are rare these days, so it's nothing short of incredible when one does their job well and makes you feel right at home.

Tomorrow is when the real magic happens: the first day at my "real" job. I never thought I'd see the day. Miraculously, someone thought me good enough to bring me on-board at their firm. I'll go to an office, have a desk, along with a phone, a computer, and even a microwave and a mini-fridge in the kitchenette across the hall.

To those who've always worked 9 to 5, these details might seem inconsequential. But to me -- a former escort -- they're rather extraordinary. Just the sheer domestication of it all: the idea of going to an office, day-in, day-out, where you see the same people and work with them cooperatively. The closest I ever got to that was pairing up with Adam so he, the client and I could have a threesome.

I'll try to update the blog as much as I can, and I certainly hope my new material will be as enjoyable as the last.

Oh, and you're all probably wondering about Simone. What happened to us, then? That, my friends, is the biggest surprise of all. So stay tuned. She and I are not over.

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