Saturday, May 22, 2010


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life is all about choices. Whether they're about who we sleep with, where we work, or what we have for breakfast each morning, each decision we make ultimately affects our future.

I had choices. I didn't have to be an escort, after all. Like many other university graduates, I could have moved back home with my parents, waited tables, and waited for the economy to improve. I made the choice to have sex for money. I figured, "If it's good enough for Rebecca, it's good enough for me."

And have sex for money I did -- but I kept up with my field of study from university, too. Even with a recession, there were plenty of firms that needed to get their work done, and were willing to pay a freelancer such as myself for doing it. In reality, I had the best of both worlds: Having sex paid the rent, while the freelance jobs helped me built a portfolio of work in the event that I wanted to leave escorting.

Unbelievable as this may sound, I figured I would continue with escorting for at least another few years. Finding a full-time job just didn't seem possible or even feasible. I'd have to take a pay cut; work for someone else when I'd worked for myself; deal with inter-office politics and other nonsense.

And yet, here I am.

Allow me to share something else: I had two choices to make this year. Without mentioning specifics, another escort agency wanted to add me to their stable. I met with the woman and she was pleased with what she saw. True, I didn't want to leave Miami, but this was a very, very attractive offer. This woman -- the agent -- didn't see me so much as an one-hour fuck machine as a kind of male courtesan. 

Weekend bookings, a higher hourly rate, celebrity/VIP clients -- she promised me all of this, and I believed her. Hell, if she could do for me what she did for her girls, I'd be one happy camper. 

So why didn't I take the offer?

Simple: I wanted to try something new.

That sounds overly simplistic, I know, But one of the drawbacks of being an escort is there really isn't anything new or exciting after awhile. Yes, clients are varied, but having sex day in, day out... it can get dull. There were more than a few times when I really had to feign interest in both my client and bedding her. 

Taking a full-time job here in New York meant a pay cut -- or so I thought. With some careful agreements and negotiations, I am still doing freelance work. How am I getting away with it? Well, my freelance work isn't something that the firm really does in-house. There's no conflict of interest.

Because of this, I don't think I'll need to escort in order to leave a comparable lifestyle to what I lived in Miami. I do have one last booking, however, over Memorial Day weekend. The only reason I'm doing it is because I know the client well, and I quite enjoy her company. But after that... I really don't see myself returning.

Time will tell. Thank you for reading this message, and I wish you all the best.

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