Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Week

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What have I learned from my first week as a member of the "real world"?

For starters, I'm a bit more experienced than the other junior staffers at my firm. No, not in terms of sex -- you perverts!-- but in terms of my actual job. Freelancing forced me to develop skills, strategies and habits that those in the traditional 9-5 world don't have to learn. 

Multi-tasking? Check. Following up with deadlines and rewrites/redesigns? Check. Knowing when to step back, take a break and let one's creative batteries recharge? Check.

Outside of work, I learned that I do enjoy the urban environment more than I'd remembered. Having everything from public transportation, shops and restaurants all within walking distance is very, very convenient. Miami is walkable -- at least to a certain extent -- but it pales in comparison to New York City. Up here, one truly doesn't need a car.

I also enjoy socializing with my co-workers. We all had a group lunch on Friday afternoon, and it was wonderful. Of course I had to lie a bit about when I was up to in Miami. Even so, being able to talk to people about work -- to commiserate, brainstorm and compare notes -- is something I didn't get much of while in escorting.

I'm excited, folks -- excited and content about my future. I took the long way, perhaps, and God knows my parents would faint if they learned I was having sex for a living, but I don't regret a thing. Here's to my past, present and future, and all the adventures yet to come.

And Simone, just in case you decide to read the blog today: I can't wait until you're here with me. The Big Apple might be the center of the universe, but it's not the center of my universe until you're in it as well.

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