Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Day of Work

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How was it, then?

Nothing I didn't expect, really. I arrived at the office at 9 a.m., made small talk with my new co-workers (apparently my arrival is something the all-female staff had been talking about for a week beforehand) and then headed to speak with my boss.

"Enjoying this weather?" she said, and pointed to her window. Rain pelted against the glass, the sky a dull slate of gray. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

"Oh yes," I said. "But this weekend should be lovely."

And lovely the north has been thus far. True, it's raining. Yes, it's a bit chilly. But the complete absence of humidity is a blessing indeed. And once the sunny skies and temperatures in the upper seventies, low eighties return, I'll be on Cloud Nine.

But enough with the weather! What did my first day at the office entail? The first half of the day involved getting to know the place in general: how to work the phone, the proper passwords for our Blogger and Twitter accounts in order to make the proper updates, as well as which files were in which folders in our shared network.

Last but not least: Under penalty of death, I will not drink my boss's coffee. It's a special blend from France that she imports from Paris. Should I excel on my job, I'll be rewarded with a cup and accompanying croissant.

All I can say about the work is that it falls under the umbrella of "media" and that my client is a high-end jeweler that wants to get into the public eye, as well as the "social media sphere" (blogs, Twitter, viral video -- the kind of things you don't pay for but can really increase one's business). 

Still, a good day. But to tell you the truth, I'm looking forward to the weekend. New York City during the spring is a beautiful, beautiful time. The tourists are still at home and the nights are getting longer as time goes on. Come the Summer Solstice, it won't be dark until after nine p.m. How cool is that?

Oh, and because I can't keep this secret going any longer: Simone will be joining me by the summer. Yes, that's correct: Simone is moving from Miami to New York. It seemed neither of us were ready to let each other go. I'm a lucky, lucky man.

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