Saturday, May 8, 2010

George Rekers

Saturday, May 8, 2010
So, I'm packing up my apartment and preparing for the move up north. Still, I couldn't resist typing up a new blog entry, this time about outed anti-gay activist George Rekers.

For those who aren't in the know, George Rekers, 61, of North Miami, was spotted at Miami International Airport with a "rentboy" (aka gay prostitute) after returning from a 10-day trip to Spain. The rent boy, who's been identified as "Lucien", had a profile listed on (a website that caters to gay men), which is where Rekers apparently found him.

Rekers, a Baptist minister, had requested that Lucien provide him with one-hour nude massages during their vacation together. Well, at least that's what Lucien says. Rekers, however, maintains that he was trying to counsel Lucien away from his deviant homosexual lifestyle. You know, on a vacation in Spain. And after trolling for him on -- a site so trashy that even I, another honest-to-goodness whore, is put off by it.

Folks, where do I begin?

There's really not much to say for Rekers. He's campaigned against gay marriage, gay adoption, gay rights -- the works. And now, it seems, the old twisted bastard was a homosexual himself all along. Pathetic. Truly, undeniably, pathetic. It's sad, too, but I simply don't feel any sympathy for the man. He's a sad individual and he deserves the public humiliation he's currently enduring.

Lucien, however, has my respect. I know I've spoken poorly of rent boys in the past, but for some reason this kids gets to me. Perhaps it's because he's younger than I am. He's only 20-years-old, and he's currently experiencing something I couldn't imagine. Thankfully the press has been kind to him thus far, but I can only imagine the kind of hateful response that's sure to come from the Christian right.

Everyone check out the article here.

And while I'm not sure about doing this, I think I'll go ahead: Lucien, if you want to email me and talk about anything, go ahead. I do have some experience in communications, and I'm happy to give you some free advice.
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