Saturday, April 10, 2010

Those Left Behind

Saturday, April 10, 2010

This blog has been rather self-involved lately. I need to update all of you on my friends.

Adam is doing well. Still seeing the same young man I mentioned earlier. He's still keeping his profession a secret, which is not so great, but I can't blame him. I asked my agent is she would consider introducing my clients to Adam as a kind of replacement, but she didn't think that they would go for it.

"You were really something else, Julian," she said to me. "Plus, you and Adam don't look anything alike. Your clients like your features."

I can't fault her there. Adam and Bailey are both pretty white-bread Americana, whereas I'm a bit more exotic, I suppose. Still, I thought that giving Adam the extra work would be a nice thing to do -- not that he has any problem in that department. In fact, if I wasn't leaving escorting and moving to New York City, I'd worry that one day some of my clients might discover him and leave me.

Bailey is doing well himself. He got a promotion at his job that he really lobbied for, so that was a reason for us to celebrate. And when I say "celebrate" I mean I let him get totally pissed and made sure he got home safely. He sent a thank-you text the next day, though sadly I don' t have any hangover remedies.

But onto the person I know you're all wondering about: Simone. She and I have maintained an awkward kind of peace these last few weeks. Yes, there's tension, seeing how I'll be leaving soon. But I suppose we both settled on the idea of enjoying what time we have left, instead of parting on bad terms. 

I still entertain fantasies in which she comes with me -- emphasis on the word "fantasy" since Simone has no connections or prospects in New York. For now, escorting is what works best for her, and I wouldn't dream of being so selfish as to tell her, "Quit escorting and you can come to New York with me."

Still, the loss of her friendship and intimacy will be hard to let go. And while I'm sure there are many incredible young women in New York, that doesn't mean I'll forget Simone. No, not a chance. I'll remember her until the end. She's really that incredible.

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