Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Keeping the Peace

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I've been Simone's (willing) slave lately, probably because I feel guilty over leaving soon.

Sure, she knows how to crack my neck, shoulders and most other body parts -- but that doesn't mean she'd object to receiving a massage herself. Particularly in her apartment, with the windows open to the ocean breeze. And if she happens to be naked, well, that's just an extra for the both of us.

"Not too much oil," she said. "Just enough to make things glisten."

I poured a small drop of massage oil onto my right palm, set down the bottle, then rubbed both my palms together. Once they were lathered in a glistening slick, I spread the oil onto Simone's body, starting with her back shoulders and traveling down to her back, ass and legs.

"How is it so far?"

"Not bad," she said. "You could use a reflexology book or two."

"Reflexology involves the feet, babe."

"I know," she said. "The two body parts you always ignore."  She waited a moment, then added, "Unlike my tits."

I rubbed Simone's feet next, showing her that I wasn't completely useless in the world of reflexology. She was silent at first, but the moans and whimpers came soon enough. I love hearing those -- the verbal cues that tell me I'm doing a good job. Not that Simone was a job. But the escort in me just always aims to please.

"Roll over," I said. "Need to work the other side."

Simone protested but eventually did as I asked. The length of her nude body was as beautiful a sight as always. I worked her neck some more, then massaged her arms, hands, calves and abdomen. 

"It's hot in here," I said. "I'm taking my clothes off."

"Suit yourself."

It felt better to be nude as well. And when I planted the first kiss on her lips, my cock was erect within seconds. Approximately five minutes later, I carried her from the table in the living room and laid her down on the bed in the bedroom.

"Are you up for it?" I asked. "Because I am."

"You'll miss the sex when you're in New York."

"All the more reason to do it not."

And "do it" we did. She was right about me missing the sex once I go to New York. Hell, I'm not even in New York yet and I'm getting nervous about the distinct lack of sex in my new career. Not to mention the lack of sex with Simone. I don't really want to think about it.

Still, 'tis bitter to have fucked and lost to have never fucked at all.

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