Saturday, April 3, 2010

High End

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The news about my upcoming career change is continuing to make waves. Some clients -- those with homes up north -- have asked if I would be willing to see them on weekends and/or special occasions if they booked far enough in advance.

I'll admit, the idea of spending a weekend in either the Hamptons, Nantucket or even Martha's Vineyard will be pretty hard to pass up. Still, these invitations are part of something greater that's been nagging me lately. Something that Simone, Adam as well as Bailey have asked.

Once I leave Miami, will I really go "cold turkey" for good?

Part of me thinks that yes, I should leave sex work behind for good, no exceptions. Trying to juggle a full-time job with "freelance" bookings could get very complicated, very quickly. Let alone what would happen if a boss or coworker were to stumble upon a client and I in a restaurant. 

But then, there's the money. It always comes down to money, doesn't it? I've worked long, hard (no pun intended) hours at being an escort. And I don't just mean having sex with my clients. I mean building relationships -- forming the kind of long-lasting bonds that enabled me to see new people more and more rarely as time goes on.

I was successful at being an escort, and it's a job that's paid dividends time and time again. Many of my clients are wealthy, and many are from the north. And, it would seem, many of them aren't quite ready to let go of me yet. One woman even suggested that going independent would be to my financial benefit.

"You have all of our contact information," she said. "You could set up the appointments yourself. Not to mention, you wouldn't have to pay your agent a commission anymore."

She did have a point. Perhaps being (unhappily) married to her business tycoon of a husband served her well. But again, I told her I wasn't sure. I need time to think about everything. 

Funny how leaving sex work has complicated my life, too. So, stay tuned folks. So long as my life is complicated, it will be interesting. And it's an interesting life that makes a good blog.

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