Sunday, April 18, 2010

Settling Down

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's not what you think.

Part of my "growing up" process means moving to New York City, working a proper job and having sex for free. It's that last bit that's been giving me pause lately. Why is that, exactly? For starters, sex has become into something of a commodity these past few years.

True, I sleep with Simone for free. We engage in light BDSM activity for free. Plus, there is that whole naked rubdown thing, but you know what? Simone is something special. I don't mind having sex with her free of charge, because it's always fucking fantastic. I'm not to sure I'll find that anywhere else. At least not for awhile.

Sex is also a quick, easy way to make money. It goes without saying that by taking this job in New York, I am going to be taking a big pay cut. I'm bracing myself for it as best I can, but still -- having sex for some extra income would definitely be a nice cushion.

Obviously I wouldn't be able to escort full-time and work full-time. So, what is an escort to do? Easy -- he should settle down. Not with one client, but with a handful. Dare I say, I'm beginning to think like a courtesan. Plenty of my clients are in Manhattan and/or the Hamptons for the summer. A few more are in Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard. Assuming my weekends are free, I could always pay them a visit.

In fact, one of them has already requested it.

That's right. Already, a client made me an offer I can't refuse. Memorial Day Weekend in fact. I'll be somewhere in New England at a beach resort, keeping her company in a way her soon-to-be ex-husband never could. 

I'm going to use this weekend booking as a trial run. If I can take a client a weekend and still remain in top-form for my weekday job, that's what I'll do. It goes without saying that I've raised my rates a bit, seeing how New York is more expensive than Miami. All in all, I'm pretty excited. The next part of my life starts soon.

And to think, I'm only twenty-four.

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