Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Almost There

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello all.

Well, I've secured myself an apartment outside New York City. It's nothing fancy, believe me -- in fact it's a bit of a step down from my current place here in Miami. Still, it'll do. And besides, who really spends a lot of time in their apartment when they're living in New York, anyway?

I've received confirmation as to what I'll be working on in my new job, as well as the pay schedule, typical hours, and other miscellaneous information. I feel good. I feel confident. But I'm still sad over leaving Miami, even though I know it's really time to go.

It all comes down to my friends, really. My friends and Simone. Adam and Bailey are two of the best guys I've ever met. Simone is, well, I've written enough about her on this blog for everyone to know how I feel about her. And then there are other people I don't see that often -- my agent, for instance -- that I still care about.

I'm fortunate that with one door closing, another is opening. It's not like I'm being laid off from escorting. Rather, I'm leaving it under my own volition in favor of a new opportunity. As I said before, my new boss and my co-workers are really, really nice, and I respect both the work and the culture/values of the company itself.

There are other benefits, as well. I'll be closer to my family, more able to swing by for birthdays and other events. And hey, I've wanted to visit Montreal for quite some time, now. I hear the city is lovely during the summer, even with the crowds.

I'll continue to update this blog as best I can. By the end of May, things should be back to a more regular schedule. Cheers!

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