Thursday, April 8, 2010

Never Fear

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I know your clients are women, but did you ever fear for your safety during your career as an escort?

A reader sent me this question and I thought it would make an interesting blog topic. So, Megan from Arizona, thank you! 

No, I've never feared for my safety during my career as an escort. As I've mentioned in past entries, there were times when I feared for my client's welfare -- particularly when I stumbled upon a woman who'd just overdosed on alcohol or pain killers, or when another client's husband had beaten her before my arrival.

I always reported what I saw to the authorities, and much to my surprise, I don't think any of the men and women in uniform suspected I was... well... hired help.

There simply aren't as many risks being a male escort servicing women. True, I make far less money than female escorts do, but I also have much less potential for bodily harm. Simply put, my female clients couldn't hurt me if they tried. A woman -- who usually stands no taller than 5'5" tall -- simply isn't a match for a man half her age and nearly seven inches taller.

That, and it's not like I'm completely without backup. No, Simone isn't waiting outside with a handgun. Rather, I studied martial arts for quite a few years. I'm no Bruce Lee, and I don't train as often as I should, but I retain enough to handle myself should anything ever occur. And when I say "anything," what I mean is someone trying to mug me on my way home -- not a client gone bad.

So no -- I've never feared for my safety. Now, please don't take this as a go-ahead to jump on-board the escorting ship. There's an element of risk to this job -- a manageable one if you're smart, which unfortunately not everyone is, at least when approaching this kind of career. Even men have to watch their backs, assuming they're taking male clients.

Safety first, kids. It's how I survived and thrived, and any escort worth his/her loins will say the same thing.

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