Friday, June 5, 2009

What Women Want

Friday, June 5, 2009
No, not the Mel Gibson movie. I never cared for him before, but ever since his blaming the Jews for all the world's ills during his DUI incident, I've lost all respect for the man. Oh, and for someone who claims to be a strict Catholic, having an affair and impregnating his mistress reveals him for what he truly is -- a lying fraud.

Sorry, just had to vent. The guy really gets on my nerves. Moving on...

My conversation / debate with Rebecca over the differences between men and women got me thinking today. What is it that women want out of my (paid) companionship?

It just can't be sex -- although that's certainly part of it, judging by how eagerly some of my clients reach for my cock once we start fooling around. I've never seen women this aggressive in my non-escorting hours. Perhaps it's an age-related difference. The girls I date are usually in their early to mid 20s, whereas my clients are at least a decade older.

Could age bring about more sexual aggression and assertiveness? True, my clients are paying for sex, so why not just reach for my cock and make sure I'm hard? Then again, erections have never been hard (pardon the pun) to come by, so I don't know why they'd feel the need to "inspect" the merchandise.

Other than sex, there is a social / emotional aspect to my services. I listen to them discuss their lives, be it their children, travels, hopes and ambitions for the future, that sort of thing. I had a wonderful conversation with a woman who'd traveled to Rome for Christmas last year, and the photos she took of the trip were quite stunning. When I told her she should look into photography as a hobby and possibly a part-time career, she blushed.

Ah, yes. Compliments -- the real thing women are after, be it with a gigolo or a traditional partner. Women, more so than men, need to hear that they're valued and appreciated. I know that sounds trite -- possibly even stereotypical -- but my career in escorting thus far has confirmed it time and time again.

I feel the need to add a personal touch to what I do. If a woman mentions that her son's seventh birthday is coming up, the next time I see her I'll be sure to ask how it went. Little things like this really add up, and often result in repeat business, which is the best thing for me from a financial standpoint.

So, there you have it folks. I'm not just a sex machine going around Miami, sticking his dick into any woman that will pay for it. More than anything, what I provide is something that these women do not get from their husbands. Maybe that's because their men are over-worked, or regretting marriage completely, or possibly fucking the secretary.

Sad, but I'm not complaining. Their loss is my gain, and I'm reaping the benefits each and every week.

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