Monday, June 29, 2009

The Price of Love

Monday, June 29, 2009
Now that Bailey's dating again, he's remembered just how expensive it can be.

"It's just expected that the guy pays," he said. "If I don't offer, I look like a cheap asshole. And no matter what women say, they love a man with money."

I agree. The guy is expected to pay. Now I know there's not much sympathy from women, seeing how on average, they still earn $0.80 for every $1.00 or some similar statistic. A man's extra income can and should go towards chivalry, they claim.

Yet I've always been perplexed by some women who are adamantly against prostitution yet see no problem dating a rich guy. Some even go so far as to say they hope to land a rich man, and be showered in all the material goods his money can buy. I've seen this enough with some of my clients -- women who married for money only to realize that they want sex, as well.

Bailey, for better or worse, is actually quite traditional when it comes to dating, so he would be paying no matter what. He even goes so far as to get flowers, open doors -- the works. Any woman who's with him is lucky, but I've seen him being taken advantage of in the past, too. Dating can be treacherous -- especially in Miami.

So to all the women who think all forms of prostitution are essentially victimization or sex trafficking, think twice the next time you say you hope to land a rich man. Because the last time I checked, having sex for money makes one a whore. None of your pseudo-feminism will change that, dear.

What began as a chance for Bailey to vent soon turned to me. Asking whether I even have the chance or desire to date anymore, I told him such dates were few and far between. Perhaps now that sex is my profession, I feel less inclined to go chasing after it in bars in South Beach and Coconut Grove like normal people.

"But if you found someone you were really interested in, you'd give a shot, right?" Bailey asked.

"I guess so. Still, that hasn't happened yet. And to be honest, I hope it doesn't happen for at least another few years. I've got a good job, you know? And until I find something else that lets me be my own boss and pays equally well, I don't plan on leaving escorting."

"I understand that. It's funny -- out of all the people we went to school with, I never would of pegged you to become a whore."

"Really? Who could you see doing it, then?"

"Well... um... I don't know, actually. But you? Never in a million years."

"Just goes to show you, life is full of surprises."

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