Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Love & Sex: A Gigolo's Dilemma

Tuesday, June 2, 2009
I knew this would happen eventually, but I was hoping to put it off.

I headed the client's house on Monday night thinking nothing would come of it. Yet when she opened the front door to her beautiful home, my heart stopped. She was beautiful -- more so than any other client I've been with in my year of escorting. She had fair skin with shiny black hair, along with turquoise-colored eyes that seemed to switch between green and blue.

"Here you are," she said, handing me my payment in a beige envelope. "Wouldn't want to forget this."

"Hmm? Oh, thank you," I said, thinking of how I'd gladly fuck her for free. "So... this rain is ridiculous, isn't it?"

Christ, talking about the weather! I was quickly letting my libido get the better of me, and talking like a typical guy (read: bumbling fool) because of it. When she offered me a drink I gladly accepted, and ended up having two glasses of White Zinfandel. Normally I like Merlot, but the white wine was surprisingly tasty.

Now, normally I like to progress things fairly quickly. Small talk is fine, certainly, but I never forget that I'm there to have sex and move on. Last night, however, was something else entirely. I stayed at her house for four hours and only charged her for one.

My agent would HAVE A FIT if she found out.

The sex was slow, intimate, lasting about an hour and a half on the account of my leisurely technique. I really wanted to savor the moment, thinking that there was a good chance I'd never see this client again.

Once finished, I ended up sleeping a bit, then called a cab back home. Kissing her goodbye, my fingers twirled her hair, and to this day I can still feel it. Of course I offered to come over again, telling her to just call my agent if she'd like any repeat business.

"I'll keep that in mind," she replied. "Goodnight."

* * *

So, is finding a client attractive common is escorting? It's been known to happen from time to time. As for thinking about a client the day after, wondering if you should ask her out on a proper date... not so much.

Of course I know I can't follow my instincts. Part of being an escort is being available, elusive and detached. Sad, but true. Seeking out a monogamous relationship while being a whore is one of the most difficult things known to man. That keeps me up some time -- wondering what I would do if I fell in love with a woman and had to choose between her and my job.

Decisions, decisions. I'm meeting with Rebecca later for some much-needed advice. So, dear readers, stay tuned for future entries. Oh, and don't rat me out to my agent. Theoretically, I owe her commission for those extra three hours :(

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