Friday, June 12, 2009

Where No Tongue Has Gone Before

Friday, June 12, 2009
Honest to God, suburban moms never cease to surprise me.

I arrived by cab to the client's home. Once again, I reflected on how women prefer to meet at their homes rather than hotels. Perhaps it's because women like to feel comfortable and in a familiar environment? Where the hell their husbands are I have no idea, but that's their problem, not mine.

We got down to it after some polite conversation. After some "normal" sex activity -- sucking her tits, eating her pussy -- she told me to lay down flat on my stomach. I obliged, figuring she wanted to rub my back or perhaps even stand on it. What she did, however, took me by surprise.

Who knew suburban moms were into rimming?

Her tongue was wet as it swirled around the orifice, shocking and titillating my senses. I'd never had analingus performed on me before, and aside from Rebecca I'd never performed it on another person. The feeling was unusual, alarming, but still pleasurable.

As for kissing after the fact... um, no. After her tongue had been south of the border and between my ass cheeks, I invoked the rule of no-kissing. She didn't seem offended -- if anything, I was acting like a "typical" prostitute in keeping certain more intimate/chaste acts off the table.

While I doubt this particular brand of pleasure will come up again, I'm not exactly adverse to it. Still, I think it's best reserved for people who are in a committed relationship where trust is well-established and monogamy is the name of the game.

Wow -- that sounded awfully conservative. I need to stop watching Glenn Beck on FOX News, hoping to see him cry like a little bitch again...
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