Thursday, June 18, 2009

Private Parties

Thursday, June 18, 2009
And now, I'd like to talk about group sex.

Well, not quite. Yes, I did a three-way with Adam and a client, but that was only because I know Adam to be a decent guy who (like me) takes the necessary precautions while working. The use of condoms, regular testing for STIs, and being discriminating about who to have sex with and who to pass up are all necessary for a safe, successful career in escorting.

There is, however, one part of the business that I took part in once, and don't care to do again. Like in the late Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, I attended a sex party at a private mansion. The drive down to the Keys was a bit rough on account of traffic, but being chauffeured in a limousine helped.

The night itself was almost surreal. There were no Venetian masks, though the lighting was low and many wore costumes -- ones that were taken off once the sex began. I was there as hired help. See, not everyone is able to just drop their inhibitions and start fucking like lions in the midst of mating season. It helps to have a few... facilitators... to get things started.

I was a facilitator, and I got paid $2,000 for a night's work. Good cash -- but far less than my female counterparts received, which was somewhere in the area of $5,000. Somehow, the notion of gender equality seems lost in this business.

I had sex with two women that night, which was exhausting work. I had a break in-between each time, but still, I fell asleep on the ride back to my hotel after the night was over. Walking through the lobby that night, I suppose I didn't look any different than a guy who'd had a bit too much to drink -- no rare sight in the Keys.

The sex itself was great, though. I never thought being able to look at one's self in the mirror during the act would be arousing, back it was. Combining the physical sensations of sex along with the voyeuristic nature of mirrors was pretty intoxicating.

And yet, I'm not sure if I would ever go back to such a party. Whenever someone brings up the debate of escorting vs. pornography (are they alike? different? one more honorable than the other?) I always say that escorting thrives on anonymity, and there is no digital trail that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

I don't particularly want the whole world being able to see me have sex. Strange as this may seem, I find what goes on in the bedroom to be a private affair between two (or however many) people. Sure, I'm willing to have sex for an hourly fee, but again, that doesn't entitle EVERYONE to see it.

With porn, however, anyone who pays $39.99 for a DVD gets to see the goods. That always struck me as a bit tacky. I very well may be the most modest whore to walk on God's green Earth, but still...

So, if the people who hired me for that night called me back, would I go? I'd like to say no -- but then again, the element of danger and pushing one's boundaries is always interesting. Not to mention, two-grand doesn't exactly grow on trees.
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