Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Greetings, readers. September has arrived, it's still bloody hot, but I can already smell the sweet scent of burning leaves and apple cider. Autumn, as I've mentioned before, is my favorite season. In fact, I may just have to take a weekend trip to my hometown to enjoy the foliage.

But enough of that sentimental rubbish! You came here for stories, and I intend to deliver :)

Simone is enjoying her newfound career as a dominatrix, but it isn't without its challenges. Mainly, she needs someone to practice certain techniques and/or products on. Guess who she considers to be the perfect guinea pig?

We set up some boundaries early on. I don't mind the handcuffs, blindfolds, paddles or whips. Liberal as I may be, however, I just can't bring myself to use to cock rings, anal plugs, vibrators or dildos. Not that there aren't men out there who enjoy being anally penetrated by a leather-wearing mistress. If reading the blogs of Mistress Lera or Mistress Matisse are any indication, it's downright common.

Last evening was dedicated to the art of restraint. Simone wanted to get an idea as to how tight was tight enough for handcuffs, dog collars, etc. We found that a snug fit is best, but not so tight that the area turns red and eventually tingles with numbness. Blindfolds are fine, and really should be bound as tight as possible.

But what of the paddles, you ask? There's something to be said for being spanked while on all fours, wearing a dog collar and fully naked. Then, there are the men who want to recreate fantasies of being spanked by their seventh-grade history teacher, in which case bent over a table while still fully-clothed is best.

Paddles that strike a naked rear end can be slightly smaller than those that strike a clothed one. Unless, of course, the submissive truly is a masochist, in which case bigger is better no matter is his ass is clothed or bare. Always be sure to strike the buttocks and not the small of the back, though.

Then there are the psychological elements. I'm a fan of low lighting, either with drapes over lamps or even candlelight if one's dungeon permits. Conversation should be kept to a minimum during the acts themselves, whether it's spanking or penetration or nipple-pinching with a pair of clamps.

Between acts, however, conversation can be tailored to however the submissive wants it to be. Whether it's sensual or demeaning, it's really up to him. I prefer a bit of both -- but that's just me.

Simone's taken notes on my likes and suggestions, saying it's a world of help in figuring out the male psyche. Seems the XY set are as mysterious to women as they are to us. But it's always nice to find some common ground, yeah?

Until next time, I hope everyone had a wonderful summer. Considering temperatures were scorching across the globe, let us welcome autumn with open arms.

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