Monday, July 12, 2010


Monday, July 12, 2010
I am so glad Simone is back.

After I picked her up from the airport, took her out to dinner (kudos to my boss for the great recommendation), we returned to my apartment at a little past eleven o'clock. True, my place here in New York City isn't anywhere near as glamorous as the pad I had in Miami, but it'll do.

Besides, it's not like either of us were paying much attention to the decor.

"Have you missed me?" Simone asked, though she knew damn well the answer was yes. "I've missed you."

I didn't bother answering with words. I grabbed her by the waist, brought her close to my chest and kissed her like it was my last night on Earth. We tore at each others' clothes until we were both clad in our underwear. Simone pushed me back onto the sofa, then stripped down for me herself.

Her naked body was almost hypnotic in its beauty. Seeing her again -- her nipples, her cunt, the strip of blonde pubic hair that I'd grown to love -- it was like seeing into heaven itself.

I carried her to the bedroom, peeled off my boxers and pressed my mouth onto hers once more. I broke away only to make my way down to her neck, then lingered on her breasts. I licked and sucked at the nipples, her fingernails running through my hair, her hands gently guiding my downward.

I went down on her, yes, but not as she expected. I rolled her over onto her stomach, smoothed my hands over her bare ass, then spread her cheeks and used my tongue on her from behind. There's something primal about performing oral sex from behind. It's really one of my favorite sex acts to do.

"Fuck me," she said, after I'd given her a good fifteen or twenty minutes. "Fuck me -- now."

I always took orders well. I rolled her onto her back, then entered her in one smooth thrust. I gazed into her eyes as we connected, joined once more after what felt like an eternity apart.

I pumped in and out of her like a jack hammer, kissed her mouth along the way, until we both finally climaxed in a bed-rattling, profanity-shouting, holy-mother-of-fuck moment.

Soaked in sweat, I lay panting on the bed. Simone draped herself over me, fingers weaving through the hair on my chest. We showered soon after, then returned to the living room for some Netflix.

She moved into her apartment today -- and once again, it's pricier and nicer than mine. I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up spending my weekends there.

Now if I could just get a spanking before this week is done, I'd really be a happy camper.
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