Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Again, I'm so sorry for the lack of posts. Between work, vacation and spending time with Simone, I just haven't been able to put my ass in the chair and type up a proper entry.

So, what's been going on with me? For starters, I visited Montreal, Quebec Canada for a summer holiday and had an amazing time. Everything I'd heard about the city was true: the clean streets, gracious citizens and beautiful architecture. I so loved my time there that I didn't want to leave -- and that's really saying something, considering I now live in New York City!

Simone joined me on this holiday, and to say we were making out like to love-sick teenagers would be something of an understatement. Funny how in the states, such PDA is frowned upon, but in Montreal, Simone and I received more than a few compliments, if not hoot-and-hollers.

My regular job is coming along well, too. Fall is typically our busiest time of year, so but my co-workers are lovely and the work itself is varied and interesting. Do I miss escorting? Sometimes. Are there a host of new  benefits to working in the nine-to-five world, too? Certainly.

And, on a more sentimental note, my parents recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. Can you believe they actually went to Vancouver to celebrate?! Funny how my mom emailed me, asking where they should go and what they should do. For a brief moment I stared blankly at my laptop screen, remembering how much fun I had with Rebecca.

The melancholy didn't last long, however. Especially not when Simone walked by naked after just getting out of the shower. 

So, that's pretty much it, folks. I'll try and make the next entry more exciting -- perhaps summarizing some of the graphic sexual discussions the ladies at work have on our lunch breaks. I don't know if they forget I'm there or just don't care. Perhaps a mix of both.


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