Monday, May 3, 2010

Women Paying for Sex

Monday, May 3, 2010

While searching for news articles about male escorts (because I like to stay abreast of what's happening in my field) I saw this article in The Age, an Australian newspaper. Read the article online here: No money, no honey.

The main thesis of the article is the fact that women are increasingly paying for sex -- or at least curious about the opportunity to do so. In my own personal opinion, there are two reasons for this: First, women are starting to make real gains in the corporate world, which means they're left with more money but less time.

Secondly, women simply aren't as sexually repressed as they used to be. Is hiring a male escort for the night any more deplorable than attending a class on how to give a good blow job? I think not. In fact, escorting is discreet and personal -- a far cry from fellating a dildo in a room full of strangers.

Women might also be attracted to the idea of having a man who will truly take the time to listen and commiserate with them, even if it is for a fee. One of the most frequent complains I received during my escorting career was that men didn't know how to listen. Or, any time they did listen, it was only to get into a woman's pants. No sincerity whatsoever.

Male escorts can provide anything a woman needs, emotionally or sexually. Well, that's assuming he's good at his job. I won't pretend that all escorts are created equal -- male or female. But when it comes to combining sex, conversation, and a good time, I think we're a damn good option.

Times are changing, folks, and I believe that male escorts will only continue to get more popular in the future. Think of it: Would a woman in her early 20s really have a problem hiring a male escort? Probably not -- though due to all the options at the bar and the club and her place of work or study, she doesn't really need to.

Fast forward, when that 20-something is now in her 30s. Perhaps she's still single, or divorced. She wants a man to talk with, to go out with, to sleep with. She might just be willing to pay for it. 

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