Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Helg Sgarbi

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Enough about me.

I don't know how I missed this story, but I did. Below is a photograph of Helg Sgarbi, a Swiss gigolo who swindled several woman out of millions of Euros. Apparently Mr. Sgarbi got close enough to learn these women's personal secrets, then blackmailed them into being silent. He's currently serving a prison sentence.

How he managed to do it is beyond me. The guy looks more like an academic than a gigolo -- meaning he looks to damn boring to ever satisfy a woman, sexually or emotionally. Perhaps he made for good conversation, but I doubt he was any kind of sexual lothario.

The idea of a wealthy woman being blackmailed by her gigolo and/or young lover isn't new. In fact, one could argue that wealthy women are in fact more vulnerable than their male counterparts. Many times, these women -- assuming they're single and/or divorced -- become emotionally needy. I know that sounds like a gender stereotype, but it's true. Wealth has a way of putting those lucky enough to have it in an ivory tower of sorts.

The minute these women let their guard down, Sgarbi was in. I truly feel for all the women, who should know that a proper gigolo would never seek to insert himself into their lives permanently. We arrive, we do what we're paid for, we leave. It's guys like Sgarbi that give the rest us a bad name.

So rest assured, wealthy women, that most gigolos are just looking to have a good time. And if a guy looks as dorky as Sgarbi, well, chances are he's not really a Man About Town. He's either a leech looking to steal your wealth, if not a complete psychopath who may want to kill you. Stay safe. Look up an agency online, have a look at the men offered, and call the agent in charge.

That's all.

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