Friday, July 10, 2009

She's Mocking Me!

Friday, July 10, 2009
Like countless other men around the world, I am being mocked by a woman.

Rebecca, unbeknownst to me, has been reading my blog quite faithfully. She's never commented, but this afternoon at lunch she let me know what she thinks of my writing. Unfortunately, it wasn't pretty.

"You're so melodramatic," she said. "Not to mention overeager to show of your intelligence."

"This coming from a woman who's reading David Copperfield?"

"Yes, but do I blog about it?"

"Just because we're... in the business we're in, doesn't mean we're not educated."

The afternoon was sunny and hot, to the point where we moved inside. Heat and humidity aside, the mosquitos have been out of control lately. Of course, mosquitos are not uncommon in South Florida -- especially during the summer -- but this summer has been worst than those in the past.

"So, what would you like to see on the blog?" I asked. "I'm open to suggestions."

"Well, you should stop giving so many details about your clients. Secondly, start putting in some mainstream stuff -- movies, music, that sort of thing."

"But people can read that anywhere. If my blog becomes a success, it'll be rooted in the story of a college graduate turned gigolo."

The debate continued on, ranging from what is too sexually explicit to post, to various ideas for promotion. Of course, the other well-known blog is Belle de Jour, but it appears Belle is on a holiday herself. Ever since the books and TV deal came around, I'm not surprised she quit escorting and is now working a regular office job.

"Do you think she's real?" Rebecca asked. "Belle, that is?"

"I think so. I mean, the details sound authentic enough. Plus, part of me likes to think there's an escort out there who's as funny and smart as she is."

"What would you do if you were 'outed' in the future? That you were not only an escort, but also the author of the blog?"

That was a question I'd wrestled with myself. Of course my first fear would be being arrested or taken to court by the IRS. Secondly would be how my parents, friends and acquaintances would react. But more than anything, I'd seek to turn the ordeal into something lucrative -- a TV show, book, movie, etc.

"Thinking like a true entrepreneur," Rebecca quipped. "Why am I not surprised?"

"Because everyone in our business, at least those who are any good, are entrepreneurs at heart."

"I'll drink to that," Rebecca said, and bumped her diet soda against my mineral water. "If you've got it, might as well work it."
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